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The goal of any education is the transmission of knowledge, so Marense developed multiple media and educational tools to facilitate the assimilation of knowledge by our trainees.

Serious game, Jeu pédagogique, Elearning
Indeed, in addition to the training documentation we have at our disposal a set of educational tools adapted to:

  • Topics (Lean, LSS, ISO Standards, Strategy …)
  • Context in which the training will be used (Production, Transactional)
  • Population to form (managers, supervisors, technicians, operators, employees).

These teaching tools take many forms and are used to create a group dynamic and make it active students:

  • Educational games (serious games)
  • Instructional videos,
  • Training videos developed with our customers (technical training, e-Learning)
  • Exercises to enable the implementation of the points of theories,
  • Questionaries,

Serious game, Jeu pédagogique, Elearning

During the training, trainees learn from what they do, they confront then to problems and concepts. In this context, if the theory is needed to understand the issues and know the tools, practical experience will facilitate their assimilation.

The environment is designed to systematically encourage experiments, awareness and assimilation of knowledge.

Serious game, Jeu pédagogique, Elearning

The trainer-consultant is not the sole holder of knowledge. Trainees also learn together by sharing and comparing their views.

The summaries are then used to verify the acquired knowledge, to complement and highlight what needs to be retained as a priority.
The training is designed to allow its application to the professional context.

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