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VSM stands for Value Stream Mapping. It is a tool to map the activity process and identify the added value and not added throughout the process flow.

Indeed, every time something is converted to an internal or external customer, it goes through a process. Draw a map that process is one of the most effective ways to identify and eliminate sources of waste.

VSM, Value Stream Mapping, MIFA

This map shows:

  • The full steps, with or without added value, which are needed to turn for example a raw material in a finish product,
  • All the information flows that manage those steps.

The VSM approach is still in 5 steps:

  • Preparation of the VSM,
  • Mapping the current situation,
  • Mapping the future situation,
  • Determining an implementation plan,
  • Validation.

The mapping the value chain gives an overview of the process – from design to product launch. We can also integrate suppliers and customers, or other processes like production start, research and development, invoicing, etc. This tool also shows the bottle necks and activities which add cost without adding value.

Once the map is created, we analyse the steps by collecting data like the cycle time, rejects percentages and change-over production time. This analysis helps to minimize non-value added activities and to rethink ways. Tha map of the value chain allows to develop an optimal process.

Expected results

  • Eliminating of waste and identification of improvement sources,
  • More efficient process,
  • Showing the relationship between material flow and information flow,
  • Best communication base for questioning the ways to make work.

Conditions for success

  • Familiarize staff with the mapping of the value chain,
  • Gather information at the operational level, where it is the most adequate,
  • Focus energies on eliminating waste,
  • Involve the management with improvement teams by appointing a responsible,
  • Show the map of the value chain a tool to eliminate non-value added steps.

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