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PERT is a method to put in order through network, several tasks which, with their dependencies and their timing all contribute to obtaining a finished product.
PERT is often synonymous of important project management with a long term planning. Therefore, a number of actions are necessary for a successful implementation:

  • Define very precisely the scheduling project,
  • Set a project manager, which we will report and take important decisions,
  • Analyze the project by large groups of tasks and detailing tasks if necessary,
  • Precisely define the tasks and determine their duration,
  • Look for matching costs which may eventually undermine certain tasks,
  • Perform periodic checks to verify that the system does not drift.

PERT chart, PERT diagram, Project management, Planning, Critical path

Unlike the GANTT chart, PERT is especially committed to highlight the links that exist between the various project tasks and define the way says “critical”. The PERT chart is composed of steps and tasks (or operations). Tasks are represented by arrows. The length of arrows has no significance; there is no proportionality in time.

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