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Why set up a virtual tour of its facilities?

The virtual tour of facilities is an accessible tool that allows you to :

  • Introduce new employees and temporary workers to the facilities in which they will work. With this in mind, the virtual tour can be used upstream, before welcoming the newcomer on his workplace,
  • Discover the activity or work environment in a fun way and at your own pace,
  • Make employees discover the facilities located in another area and to which they do not necessarily have access (knowledge of production facilities for administrative staff, salespeople, etc.)
  • Show your installations to Customers with rewarding images both in meeting rooms and remotely. Virtual tours are then an additional asset for the sales forces,
  • Have access to areas that are inaccessible during regular operation (inside furnaces, boilers, clean rooms, etc.),
  • Show the place of intervention to service providers before or in addition to the on-site visit,

Hotspots in virtual tours:

The virtual tours integrate, as needed, videos to present installations in operation, the work of employees and slideshows to present products manufactured on the line and any other necessary information.

Hosting and activity reports:

In addition to the realization of these virtual tours, we offer:

Secure hosting on a dedicated platform,
The possibility for the customer to have online reports presenting the activity report of the virtual tours made available for each user.

Interfaces to access virtual tours:

Virtual tours work equally well on computers, tablets, phones and also, if necessary, with a virtual reality mask.

Security :

Access to data is secured. Virtual tours and videos are systematically encrypted to guarantee necessary confidentiality for the customer.

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Updates and evolutions:

Virtual tours can obviously be completed and updated to evolve with the reality of the business (production of a new product, new production line, addition of a new workshop in the virtual, etc.).

The interface for users and reporting is regularly updated to incorporate new features.

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