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Kaizen, Lean management, Lean manufacturing, Lean officeKaizen is a process of concrete improvements, simple and inexpensive performed in a very short time. But Kaizen is primarily a state of mind that requires the involvement of all stakeholders.

This Japanese approach is based on small improvements made every day, constantly.

It is a gradual and gentle approach, which opposes the more Western concept of brutal change.

However, Kaizen aims to encourage each worker to think about his workplace and suggest improvements. So unlike innovation, Kaizen does not require important financial investment, but a strong motivation on the part of all employees.

As a result, more than a technical management, Kaizen is a philosophy, a mindset to be deployed at all levels of the company. The successful implementation of this principle passes through:

  • A shift in corporate culture,
  • The development of tools and concepts such as PDCA, DMAIC, TQM tools (total quality management), effective suggestion system and team work,
  • A process standardization,
  • An active involvement of the management for the deployment of the policy,
  • Coaching the change, when the transition to Kaizen represents a radical change for the company.

Kaizen, Lean management, Lean manufacturing, Lean office

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