Marense Empower your continuous improvement process

Video has become essential for communicating in business. Well done and broadcast, it will make you win the “battle for attention”.

Cartoon is a differentiating and privileged tool for explaining your manufacturing process, information, a point of theory in a training course, a concept … It allows you to better understand it and facilitate its appropriation.

The interest of cartoon is justified for several reasons:

  • Cartoon refers to a particular period in our life, childhood. It is a medium that can easily provide a more creative and fun framework for your message.
  • Animation also allows the appropriate or even simplified representation of images that are difficult to achieve in reality (operation of an installation in a cutaway view, explanation of a chemical reaction, etc.)
  • Cartoon is naturally complemented by a voiceover which plays a key role in the explanations of the video.
  • The content of animation focuses only on the messages you want to convey. We can thus gain in clarity, and finally in pedagogy, especially for messages or explanations which may appear complex.
  • Finally, animation allows you to naturally personalize the entire video with your company’s colors and logo. It then becomes a valuable promotional tool to transmit information to your customers or your staff.

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