Marense Empower your continuous improvement process

Fostering digital transformation in companies allows them to adapt themself to new challenges and to innovate by bringing out the needs for tomorrow.

Digital transformation should not be limited to digital technologies integration and processes digitization. It is about global transformation of the company and its managerial practices.

Structuring decisions and resources must be implemented to prepare the future and to cope with changes and transformations that digitization will generate.

Digitization is a major issue for the HR function, especially training and its management which are often difficult for companies to handle.

Operators trainings : trainings to be reinvented!

In recent years, e-learning was developed in parallel with traditional trainings, but training in company must evolve for 3 reasons:

  • The first reason is due to the global context of digital: it causes new opportunities, new expectations and new behaviors for individuals (the “tutorial” has replaced the user manual),
  • The second reason: training needs have greatly increased, and we must find ways to train better, faster, and more massively. This relates especially trainings for operators.
  • The third reason is the evolution of regulations. The legislator promotes the use of digital technology to develop staff skills.

To answer to these changes, Marense has developed know-how and tools to support companies and help them to achieve the digital transformation of vocational training:

  • Videos to capitalize best practices,
  • Virtual tours of facilities, workshops to discover at your own pace to have a global understanding of your work environment,
  • Digital-Learning solution combining E-Learning (videos, digital media, etc.), face-to-face training, practical training, and validation of theoretical and practical knowledges.

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