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The A3 was developed by Toyota as much as a problem solving tool than as a mean to “align” all the lifeblood of a company in achieving its strategic objectives.

A3, Outil de résolution de problème, Problem solving, Lean

Its A3 frame forces us to be limited to priority items, avoiding a dispersion of forces. It addresses the following key issues:

  • Context,
  • Problem,
  • Objectives,
  • Probable causes,
  • Possible measures to achieve the objectives,
  • Action plan put in place,

A3, Outil de résolution de problème, Problem solving, Lean

Problem solving methodology for A3 helps to:

  • Easily move from the perception of a problem with a clear definition of it,
  • Lead your problem solving methodically,
  • Search data on the shopfloor and use them, as well as charts, to ensure and demonstrate your approach,
  • Digging potential causes to arrive to the root cause and to prove their relationship to the effects,
  • Check that the counter-measures taken will eliminate the root causes,
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that prevent the discovery of the root causes of problems and their resolution,
  • Make a clear presentation, structured, with impact on your audience.

Objectif, Cible, Target, Lead change, Conduire le changement

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