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Conduite du changement, Manage change, Lead change

Cible, Goal, Objectif, Formation professionnelle, Professional trainingTraining targets

The objective of this training is to understand the change, to better apprehend and manage during transition phases (technical project, organizational change, changes in working methods …).

Indeed, this training explains the process to lead of change. It helps to define the change, understand its mechanisms, and explains the principles on which we must rely for a change.

After this phase of definition and diagnosis, we learn to manage change and understand the resistances for a better management.

Then, We cover communication and training in change management.

Finally, we will study the change management through tools and methods.

Programme de formation, Training program, Formation professionnelle, Professional trainingTraining program

  • Define change management,
  • Diagnosis of change,
  • Know the impact and how accompany change management ,
  • Define the communication plan,
  • Define the training plan,
  • Manage people and resistances,
  • Lead the change.

Pedagogical approach and means:

  • We use numerous exercises, serious games, case studies to assimilate concepts and theories,
  • Coaching and support on site or remotely as needed.

Our trainings are performed in your workplace and can be adapted in their content and in their duration to suit your needs.

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